Lockdown came along with anxiety, suffering and grief, but it has also forced us to look up. Look up, find pleasure in skywatching and get lost in this open-ended living canvas. It has shown us the intangible beauty of home, this universal feeling that transcends our physical and imaginary walls.
Now that we’ve created space, we are entering a new phase. More resilient, yet troubled, we gaze the future and embrace the unknown. But still, we can’t breathe… Our new space is raising the urge for change and we can’t breathe as long as our home is bleeding !
Ironically, my first post-lockdown visit to the Archives made me reflect on the future. As a historian, I’m seriously wondering how our covidstories will be remembered in 10-30-100 years from now. What new unpredictable shapes will our stories gain over time? Will future historians help us make sense of our weird present?
Only the future will tell…
In the meantime, let’s stay connected and – together – fight for ‘our home’. ♡
P.S.: This is not a goodbye.