Looking at life
With a slowed down lens and
Increased aperture
The essential revealed
For my last Haïku,
I wanted to go to the city
Stroll around and take pictures
But I didn’t have the heart or the energy.
Instead I built gardens and felt invincible.
End of lockdown? Not quite here yet
Many things are still closed
Hugging and kissing not allowed
This new normal is cold.
We need to adapt and change our ways
Kids know how
Putting on a mask to chose flowers?
Not a big deal.
Cows and polar bear prints
Keep them smiling.
T h a n k y o u for this project!
It kept creativity flowing
And gave a sense of connection.
I am still amazed that,
Across the world, at the same time,
We experienced similar emotions.
Please stay well and safe
And hopefully this project also will grow.