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One of the aims of the Corona Haikus Project is to make sure that we do not forget the insights we had during Corona times, the promises we did to ourselves or our wishes for a better world that emerged when we were confined.

We therefore invite you to use a selection of visual haikus to foster public debate and make pop-up exhibitions in public spaces with not-for-profit purposes.

Please bear in mind that all rights are reserved. All the photographs found on this website are the property of their authors, their reproduction or any other provision without their permission is prohibited. So if you are interested in holding public pop-up exhibitions, please get in touch with us at we will be very happy to assist you.

Feel free to contact us to share your experience at Corona Haikus Project, to give us your feedback or make a request for your own exhibition.



THE PROJECT: The Corona Haikus Project. It is the initiative developed by SANDELION PRODUCTIONS, Sandra Gaudenzi and Sandra Tabares Duque, aimed at recompiling photographs during the quarantine caused by the COVID 19 emergency.
THE AUTHOR: It is the person who submits the photographs to the PROJECT.
ORGANIZERS: SANDELION PRODUCTIONS, Sandra Gaudenzi and Sandra Tabares Duque.
COPYRIGHT: The set of rules that protect authors and works in the AUTHOR’s jurisdiction.



When uploading your photos to THE PROJECT group on the “Facebook” platform and our other social networks, you state and accept that:

(i) The photographs are original creations and of your own authorship.
(ii) The photographs have been taken on the occasion for the “Corona Haikus Project” and that they are not part of other works, projects or productions, in whole or in part.
(iii) The photographs have been taken with the prior and express consent of the people who appear in them.
(iv) You have copyright of the photographs according to the legislation in force in your country of residence.
(v) In case of being a minor, you have the due authorization of one of your parents or guardians to send the photographs to the “Corona Haikus Project”.



The AUTHOR grants THE ORGANIZERS a non-exclusive license use, for all territories of the world and until the photographs enter the public domain, with the purpose of carrying out the following acts in digital and analogue media:

– Reproduction, distribution and making available the photographs in THE ORGANIZER’s social media platforms, accompanied by the AUTHOR’s name, and the descriptions that THE AUTHOR makes
regarding his work and following the rules of the PROJECT’s call.
– It also authorizes the ORGANIZERS to make copies of the works for the purpose of being exhibited in museums, schools, universities and other types of cultural, journalistic, state or educational entities.
– Authorizes the ORGANIZERS to authorize the appearance of the works in printed or digital media of a cultural, journalistic, state or educational nature. Or to license, free of charge, to journalistic, cultural, news
or state media, the use of photographs in books, magazines or web pages.
– Authorizes the ORGANIZERS to use of the works in the context of daily information or news related to THE PROJECT, such as, for example and not limited to, interviews in podcasts, television, newspapers, Internet, magazines or others.
THE ORGANIZERS undertake to respect the moral rights of the AUTHORS at all times.
THE ORGANIZERS are obliged to carry out all the activities mentioned above without profit.